The Mad Moose Headwear Story

Mad Moose originated in the snowy alpine region of the Bavarian Alps, where we lived and successfully managed an outdoor Adventure Lodge.  Many happy years were spent with friends, colleagues and clients kayaking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering across Europe. The idea of Mad Moose first came about as a hobby where I created unique hats for friends and colleagues as we gathered from the day’s activities and enjoyed each other’s company around the fire at night.  Mad Moose continued to grow as clients also started requesting head wear to fit their own individual style.
My passion for creating individual head wear for the outdoor enthusiast after leaving the lodge continued and can now be found in the UK across bespoke retailers.  My desire to continue producing head wear to custom specification has now brought Mad Moose online.

What We Believe

Mad Moose produces high quality head wear, with every product being one of a kind, stylish and unique.  We believe individuality is one of the most important attribute that a person possess.  Mad Moose is made for the outdoors, worn by people of the outdoors and can be seen from the surf to the summits.


The Product

All products are hand crafted using a yarn that is made of a combination of Acrylic (51%) and Wool (49%).  Each head wear product provides great insulation without the usual itchy feel that comes from wool and the breath-ability that you lose when made of only acrylic but ensures a soft and comfortable feel.