Create your own Mad Moose Headwear by:

1. Choose your style

      • Beanie                                          £26.00      +p&p
      • Toque - Beanie with a bobble       £28.50     +p&p
      • Headband                                     £18          +p&p

                         (UK Postage & Packing -  £2.79)

2. Choose your pattern


3. Adding a bobble?

      •  Plain - which colour
      •  Mixed - which colours

4. Choose your color(s)


 5.  Sizing  All head wear fit one size which ranges from 54 to 62 cm .

      •  Handmade products fit snugly initially however will stretch slightly during the first days wear. 
      • If you have a head that is on either side of the measurement, please ensure you state this in your order.
      • Measure head as demonstrated in image, just above ears and across forehead


6. Now it's time to design your individual custom made head wear. Fill out the contact form below with all your Custom Made Specification.  Please design your head wear with the color starting at the from top working to the bottom.

7. Purchase your Custom Beanie, Toque or Headband from the Shop 

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