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We would like to announce our new ambassador and welcome Tom Fenwick to the Team and look forward to see what he is up to soon!! See more about Tom on his Instagram @tommy_fenwick

Tom Fenwick is a Shropshire native, currently living and working in Manchester. Introduced to climbing at an early age, he cut his teeth on the soft, quarried sandstone of his local crag, Nesscliffe. Since then, Tom has traveled all over the world seeking adventure in all forms. Hitchhiking through the USA, snowboarding in British Columbia and dirt-bagging in New Zealand. Throughout these experiences, Tom’s true passion is pushing his physical limits on rock in beautiful places, with beautiful people.

 “I am excited to be working with Mad Moose Headwear as I believe Matt and Jinnie uphold the same values that are most important to me in climbing: trying hard, not taking life too seriously and most importantly having fun!” - Tom Fenwick

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